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are you packin? electronic stuff, that is.

what do you know about cape breton? read it here. unless you don't read french. then this is of no help. sorry.

diversity and tolerance

myron explores diversity and tolerance in canada

digital audio
the future of digital audio, and where to go to download music. not that we promote that.

ask casey


boredom cure #1
body art. exploring body art with Dan, a member of our staff. Not for anyone squeamish!








boredom cure #2
experiencing new foods! once again, not for the squeamish. (dan and jeff eat bugs)

boredom cure #3
tree planting. good for the environment, good for your wallet!

Issue number 2 of our recently relaunched print magazine will be avialable soon! check back for more information.

fortune cookies

New Quiz!!!
Who Would Win?

quiz: what kind of animal
are you, anyway?

quiz: which decade do you belong in?

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