The TG Magazine Team

(Jamie Barraclough, Marc Bishop, Lance Brass, Denise Campbell,
Sarah Denham, Bindu Dhaliwal, Karishma Gabriel, Katie Gosley,
Joey Hunt, Kingsley McCart, Barb McIntosh, Paul Pabello,
Shelley Pleiter, Shelley Smarz, Craig Sweeney, Todd Ward and "Stodley")

After thousands of hours of research, brainstorming, scanning, proofing, drawing, commuting, designing and creating web pages, going to meetings and staring endlessly at the computer screen, we've produced an innovative, educational website from a collection of digital photos and two collections of text, that both teachers and students can use.

This was an experience that was both fun and educational for us. We learned more than we ever expected in a hands-on, easy-going work environment. We've gone from being computer-illiterate to computer nerds! We've also learned invaluable business skills and the importance of teamwork.

Hope you enjoy our site....

The TG Team would like to thank: The Metropolitan Toronto Archives, The Multicultural History Society of Ontario and Industry Canada for their assistance in this project.