Urban Alliance on Race Relations

Who are we?

The URBAN ALLIANCE ON RACE RELATIONS was formed in 1975 by a group of concerned Toronto citizens. Its primary goal is to "promote a stable and healthy multi-racial environment in the community."

The Alliance is a non-profit charitable organization consisting of volunteers from all sectors of the multicultural and multiracial Canadian society, supported by a small permanent staff.

In the field of race relations the UARR is committed to:
  • organizing seminars, workshops and conferences
  • increasing public awareness
  • providing forums for dialogue
  • encouraging equality of opportunity
  • researching and publishing reports
  • consulting, facilitation and mediating in the public and private sectors
  • networking and building alliances with other community-based organizations
  • promoting understanding around anti-racist issues

Achievements of the UARR:

Since 1975, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations has sponsored and engaged in:
  • building community consensus
  • consultations with individuals and organizations
  • working with Boards of Education to develop and implement policies and programs
  • working with police to improve relations with minority racial communities
  • conducting and publishing research studies
  • presenting briefs to the government supporting the development of programs that will ensure equality of opportunity
  • publication of "Currents: Readings in Race Relations", the only Canadian journal committed to research and dialogue on race relations issues
  • publication of a quarterly newsltter which provides information on activities to members and the general community
  • annual Employment Equity Forum and Career Fair
  • extensive Resource Centre available to the public
  • established an Anti-Racist Response Network
  • March 21 events recognizing the International Day for the Elimination of Discrimination
  • bi-annual awards dinner

UARR Publications:

  • No Discrimination Here
  • Who Gets the Work?
  • Guide to Race Relations Organizations
  • Race Relations Bibliography
  • Case Studies: Multi-Racial Labour Force Project
  • Immigrants: Perceptions of Ethnic and Racial Discrimination

The Journal "Currents: Readings in Race Relations:

  • Thematic issues include:
  • Forces on Visible Minority Women
  • Racism and Education
  • Discrimination in Employment
  • Policing in a Multiracial Society
  • Race Equity in Education
  • Native People and Racism
  • Policing and Race Relations

How to reach us

Urban Alliance on Race Relations
675 King St. West., Suite 203
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M9

Tel: (416) 363-2607
Fax: (416) 363-1415

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