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We're taking what we learn on the road!

Based on our discussions, we've developed a few workshops on different areas of interest:
- Stereotypes facing youth
- Role Models: How to find one, and how to be one
- The importance of getting involved in school/community activities
- Violence and crime prevention

Each workshop is done by two to four members of our PNSM youth team and they involve interactive discussion, multimedia presentations and some serious thinking.

We'll travel to anywhere in the GTA (and possibly outside on request) to your school or community centre.

We like to pay the young men who are out there doing this work so we ask for an honorarium of $25 per PNSM member that comes to do a workshop. (e.g. 3 of us coming means $75, 4 of us means $100)

To request a workshop, please call us at 416 597-8297, or email us at