The concept for Creating Change 2001 was born in the minds of youth. The topics discussed at the conference, violence, discrimination and education, were decided on after hundreds of youth had been consulted. After reviewing emails, Internet polls, and speaking with young people, there were many possible topics to choose from. Although the topics varied widely, there was a common need expressed in each of them: to learn the skills to be able to affect change. Using this as a guide, a focus of the conference was project planning. During the conference, participants created and started working on one of twelve National Projects, which they will continue to work on after the conference. These projects will also be developed and executed by these youth from across Canada with support from the Students Commission. Creating Change 2001 was developed by youth, for youth. Now it's ready to take on a life of its own.

In general, the youth who attended this conference had the same expectations, expectations such as meeting new people, seeing a new place, learning about new ideas and experiences. It was an unwritten rule that everyone who came would have their voice heard, would take action, would be making a difference and, most of all, everyone would have fun. Throughout the conference, youth brainstormed quite a few ideas, putting them all on paper. They constructed projects out of their ideas and learned a lot about life. Learning how to work as a team and using their newly learned skills, all delegates participated in the creation of one of twelve National Projects. In addition, the students were exposed to different cultures through the newly found friendships that were made. They also found solutions to other's problems thanks to the four pillars: respect, listen, understand, and communicate. Without a doubt, for all the youth delegates, this conference meant an opportunity for a great experience. The chance to work on a National Project that they created and will continue to work on after the conference ends is not a chance that every youth has. Each delegate will bring their National Project back home with them to their schools and communities spreading awareness, not only on these new youth-related projects, but also about the Students Commission itself. We believe that for most delegates it was a life changing experience that they will remember for their lifetimes. It allowed them the opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the country who share the same vision, to give youth a voice. It provided students with a forum to express themselves and know that what they said was significant, that their voice was heard.

Mindy, Ontario - 17 years old
Lily, Quebec - 16 years old

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Section 1:

Problems and Solutions



Section 2:

Presentation Day

Project Ideas (I)

Project Ideas (ii)