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These videos and powerpoint presentations were produced by youth, with key messages around issues of physical and mental health. They can be used as tools to stimulate discussion in your workshops.


 Mary Jane
A poem about quitting marijuana.

A powerful voice.
Several group members discuss events that affected them, such as lobbying for a skate park, helping the elderly, and taking charge in one's life.
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A spoof public service announcement about getting proper exercise, based on the Body Break commercials.

Ma' Show
A fake talk show showing examples of how families can pressure you.

How can I be more confident?
A quick piece, showing little one-liners from each group member, each a piece of advice on how to be more confident.

Da Deal
Two bored conference-goers purchase marijuana.

The choice
A teen has to choose between playing basketball or getting high.

Just Say vending machines
A spoof commercial about avoiding the unhealthy foods found in vending machines, and eating healthier.

Power Chill
Jason raps over a Dr.Dre song while images of a kid getting high are shown.
Empower: Shannon raps over a Tupac Shakur song. Random shots of the group dancing are shown.
The message of the whole segment is 'Don't do drugs'.

Brains beat out coolness
A lengthy video, first covering the consequences of doing drugs, then giving the message that brains beat out coolness.

Eating Disorder
En français. A teenager struggles with an eating disorder.

Drug slippin'
A teen starts buying crack, and becomes addicted to it. He is eventually robbed of his money and beaten up.

Talks about some of the symptoms and with a twist, a cause of depression that most people probably would not think of.

The Effects of Racism
Guests on a talk show discuss racism and how it can affect mental and physical well-being.

The Tale of Three
Follows three teens and their experiences with substance abuse, depression, and self-image.

The Numbers
The statistics on drug use among young people in Canada

Hoop Dreams
A young basketball star goes down the wrong path.

A young person pressured to succeed relieves tension the wrong way.

Making It Happen
Inspiring quotes from young people about taking a risk and getting involved.

Barriers & Solutions to Mental Health
Family & friends, drugs and alcohol, self-esteem.

Projekt Unit-E 4
4 tips for creating a community and photo of a community mural.

Find Your Balance
Barriers and solutions to stress and school problems.

Negative Youth Stereotypes
Discussion of how adult stereotypes of youth affect young people and how these stereotypes might be changed.

Free Food for Thought
Discussion of how young people can create a safe environment in which they can live.

How Can I be More Confident?
Discussion of how young people can create an environment in which youth feel a sense of confidence and belonging.

Projekt.Unit-E4: Energetic, Enthusiastic, Emotional, Environment
Discussion of how to "create a community out of a bunch of diverse people".

Building a Youth Friendly Space/Community
* Workshop for adult allies on how to create youth friendly spaces and events.

Drug Abuse: Effects and Resources
Discussion of how drug abuse affects young people and what resources are available to help them.

Sexual Abuse: Effects and Resources
Discussion of how sexual abuse affects young people and what resources are available to help them.

Mental, Family, Self Abuse: Effects and Resources
Discussion of how mental abuse (including family abuse, and self abuse) affects young people and what resources are available to help them.



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