Amber Marsh

Bonjour, hello. My name is Amber Marsh. I am from Chestermere, Alberta, a small town just outside of Calgary. I am seventeen years old and a grade twelve student at Chestermere High School. I was actively involved in my student council and peer support program last year. I have lots of interests which include singing and acting. I am in Drama where I do lots of acting around Calgary and get to be my unique self and take on different personalities and characters.

I really enjoy being involved with youth and sharing my opinions on issues that effect so many of our youth today. Who better to do it then a true member of the youth community.

Last year I attended the Students Commission's Fifth Annual Youth Conference in Ottawa, where I helped write a youth report on issues that affect youth today. I was planning to attend again this year, but plans changed and I was given the opportunity to attend the World Conservation Congress in Montréal. So, here I am ready to share my opinions on the environment from a youth perspective.

At this Conservation Congress my job is to be a multi-media journalist. I will talking to delegates from around the world on how their youth feel and how they get involved with the environment. This will give us some ideas on how to make getting involved with the environment fun, interesting and educational for youth.

I would like to thank all the people and businesses that sponsored me to be able to take part in this truly remarkable experience. I will be more than happy to share my ideas and experiences with anyone interested upon my return.