Nita's Bio

Bonjour, mes chers amis. Vous avez rejoint la page de madamoiselle Anita Lal! For all of you non-French speaking people out there: hello my dear friends, and welcome to the life and times of Miss Anita Lal (the first). By the way, throughout high school, I barely passed French class, (by the skin of my teeth, actually), and I required great assistance just writing that mere sentence. Other than that incredibly thrilling fact, I'm afraid there's not a whole lot of information I can really say about the totally average but oh-so-unique moi. But hey, I've gotta start somewhere, right?

I am a high school graduate of Glenforest Secondary School, class of 1996, an English major, and an aspiring journalist. I've been given the the chance to explore that career field via the absolutely fabulous world of Co-Op. What else? I am a very dedicated follower of the show Rosanne. In fact, my personality is the spitting image of Darlene's-sarcastic but smart, and way cool. I also love Metallica and Black Sabbath, and I read Shakespeare for fun. Seriously. I truly admire the guy's style. I'll bet that last strange and useless bit threw you for a loop, eh?

Well, thus ends the fascanating tales of yours truly. Now, in the eternal words of you-know-who: O.K. everyone, I'm audi.