Communication Alternatives:
Linking Art and the Environment

Art by Chad Diabo

By Regina Flores, TG Magazine youth journalist

Some youth feel that an effective way of raising environmental awareness is by expressing/exposing its value through art . Youth journalist, Scott Hyland believes that visual images are especially powerful. By appealing to emotions, adults and youth alike are stimulated and inspired to think about the environment.

Bernardo Pelletier is an artist from Quebec presenting his work on the national parks of Canada here at the Congress. He has had tremendous experiences travelling across Canada and visiting its 12 major regions, interpreting them through his unique style of painting. Pelletier explains his respect for nature has been enhanced by his experience.

He attempts to capture the spirit of each site he is observing and to convey it in his painting in the hope that others may be able to make that same connection with their environment. He says, "I hope you will feel all the power and fragility, all the softness and authenticity of our natures (and from this personal approach, perceive more fully the poetic beauty of the world that surrounds us)".

Pelletier points out that art has the power to cross the boundaries of age and language, thereby making it an important communication tool. Chad Dabio, a youth journalist (involved in Aboriginal art) agrees that visual art is capable of transmitting important messages at a level that youth can relate to. Rubia De Avila, a youth graphic artist for TG Magazine, adds that it is our duty to preserve artistic representations of nature for future generations because they provide inspiration to all of humanity.

Art by Rubia De Avila

Although art has been commonly been featured by most cultures since the beginning of time, it has not always played a role in formal events such as this Congress. As indicated by the presence of art and a theatrical production ("Guardians of Eden" which will be performed Friday through Sunday), it is beginning to be valued as a means of expression and incorporated as a method of exchanging information.