Prime Minister's Choice:
Banff National Park

By Jodie Lightfoot and Melissa D'Souza, TG Magazine youth journalists

For all of you who are visiting Canada for the World Conservation Congress, we highly recommend that you stop off at Banff National Park in Alberta before you leave! It's rugged beauty and vast number of wildlife species makes this park a must to see. Canada's oldest national park is 6,641 square kilometres of mountains, valleys, glaciers, forests, meadows, and rivers. It is considered one of the world's premiere destination spot. There are 1,600 kilometres of trails for you to hike on, more than any other mountain park, and many excellent sight-seeing spots. You can hike, camp, canoe, and go on splunking trips as well as hot springs to soak in, and ice fields to walk on. The list goes on and on.

If you are interested in visiting Banff, look for Banff National Park on the internet at: There you'll find all the details on everything from campground and hostel fees to the many luxurious hotels. Banff is a wonderful place and it may not be the president's choice but it's certainly Jean Chrétien's.