tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:03PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hello, is anyone out there!

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:07PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Well, the question for today is..What is the biggest environmental problem facing the world and what can Canadians do to help resolve it?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:08PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Patricia thinks that overpopulation is the biggest problem facing the world, and she thinks that Canadians should cut down on consumption and abusing our resources.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:10PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jacquie thinks that lack of consistency and partnership is the problem. It is a global issue, not just a local issue, and we have to work together to solve the problem. For example, our air and water problems are heavy as a result of other countries.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:11PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Laila thinks that the biggest problem is lack of proper education. If we could tell others about what is going on, and how to be more environmentally aware, things can start to make a difference.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:14PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Laila thinks that there should be less talk aobut the issues and more direct actions. More would get done if people would stop setting up committees and actually going out and causing change to occur.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:15PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Patricia does not think that we should stop setting up commitees, but, start implementing the ideas presented.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:18PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Regina thinks that motivation is the problem. It starts in the home and in the school. If the parents take them out to nature and develop a good bond, there will be more of a respect.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:20PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Juanita thinks that we should start to respect and appreciate our earth more.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:21PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Ruby thinks that poverty is the biggest problem.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:24PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Laila thinks that people have to start becoming more educated and there should be more of an attempt to stir up interest about the environment.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:25PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Patricia says that our growing population is a greater threat to our society now then anything we can do in the future.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:27PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Does anyone else have anything to share about this topic with the group?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:31PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Patricia: Canadians can do their part by doing everyday household environmental jobs, such as recycling, composting, refusing to by overpackaged goods, using transit...

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:33PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Deborah: the biggest environmental problem is the influence of multinational corportations. Canadians have to find a way to affect change on an economic level, if they can do that, then ground can be made.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:35PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Todd: ranking the problems is a problem in itself. There are many pressing problems in the world, except for setting an agenda, they all contribute to the environment.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:37PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jacquie: consumption is another huge problem.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:37PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hi..this is Andrea...what are you guys talking about?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:38PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Sangudo High? Are you on yet?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:39PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Laila: I agree with Jacquie and think we should start to act more responsibly in our daily activities to start to tackle this problem.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:40PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hi Andrea. We are talking about the biggest environmental problem that the world is facing and what Canadians can do about it.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:40PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I think that one of the biggest problems with the world today is the greed for material wealth...that is why everything is in the state it is in. Everybody is too busy trying to get a hold of as many material possessions as they can...

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:42PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hi guys, this is Jodie speaking. I think one of the biggest problems we are facing is deforestation.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:42PM EST (-0500 GMT)
That is a good point. So you want a change in values and ideals in today's society?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:44PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jodie: when the trees are cut down, there goes our oxygen supply, and with the oxygen supply, there we go. This is a very breif outlook of our future as we see it.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:44PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hi Jodie, we can incorporate deforestation with the idea behind material wealth, as that is one of the reasons why we are cutting down our forests, to make more money and meet the demands of todays ever expanding society.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:44PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Good, so what should we do about deforestation?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:46PM EST (-0500 GMT)
We are at iucn :) ... it would be a nice idea...unfortunatly people see their material values as a way to distiguish and define themselves.... I think it must be a "human" trait.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:48PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jodie: tgmag. That's it. You hit the nail on the head, so what can we do about it?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:48PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jodie: Sangudo High School- are you on yet?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:48PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Well, I think that it is a time for us to change certain values, and start to be more concerned about other things than our immediate lives.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:50PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Definetly!!... I guess the way to start doing that is to seperate our "needs" from our "wants."

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:51PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I think a way that we begin to start this change is through education. We need to incoroporate this into our education system.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:52PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jodie: I agree, tgmag... but, isn't it going to be very hard to do that since we have lived with these values for centuries. It's hard to change when repitition is always practiced.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:52PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Indeed....what are some of the ways that we could do that?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:53PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Well, we used to live in a society where recycling and general environmental concern was a big issue, but, we managed to create a change.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:54PM EST (-0500 GMT)
How about our education system, households, friends, workplace, media, for a few.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:54PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jodie: Could all the people who are on say hello so we know who we are talking to?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:55PM EST (-0500 GMT)
regina: in the education system, if we get the kids to participate in more hands on experience and field trips that highlight the values that we want and promote in favour of nature.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:56PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hello. Laila and Regina and Patricia are here at the conference.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:56PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Good ideas....those all sound like the best places to start...but, should the cutting down on material wealth mean that we should also cut down on technological advancements?

Vince: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:57PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hi, this is Vincenzo! I agree totally that consumption is key to changing environmental problems. Is there anything that young people can really do to actively make a difference? Or should we stick to lobbying the government and pressuring corporations to invest in the environment, and ultimately our future.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:58PM EST (-0500 GMT)
laila: not if it is harming the earth, but, we should take things in stride and one step at a time. Do not try to rush and expand too quickly, ahead of our times.

Vince: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:59PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Vincenzo--is anybody out there?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 1:59PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jodie: Hey vincenzo! What do you mean consumption is the key?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:00PM EST (-0500 GMT)
You can start in your home and be aware of everything you do in your daily activity, ie, using backs of paper and reusing them for notes, and presenting your papers on those. Where are you from vincent?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:00PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Just thinking.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:01PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Yeah vince, where are you from? (wink, wink, nudge nudge)

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:02PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Also, instead of supporting huge international multinationals, we can support (buy the products) of local community based companies, like organic vegetables, etc.

Vince: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:03PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Vince--laila, can you explain what you mean by rushing ahead of our times.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:03PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jodie: comsumption is a problem here, we consume 80% of the worlds resources, but, we are only 20% of the world population, but, it is also a problem experienced all over the world

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:03PM EST (-0500 GMT)
What about nuclear power?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:04PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I mean that we may not be able to counter and deal with the consequences.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:05PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Exactly....look at what happened in Hiroshima...people are still dying of the after effects so many years later....

Vince: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:06PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Vincenzo--Where am I from? Does it really matter? We are all part of this eco-system. We all have an integral part to play. I just want to make a differnce in my community in my town. Think locally-act globally.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:06PM EST (-0500 GMT)
take a look at chernobyl

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:07PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Sorry, just wanted to know for interests sake. :)

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:07PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jodie-yes, there are a hundred things we can do to change the world, but, we should start with ourselves first.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:08PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I agree with that, but, we should always remember to keep everyone else in mind, not to be too self-centered, only thinking and worrying about ourselves.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:10PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jodie- for example, I would change little things that make a big diff. I would walk instead of the escalator, eat less meat, recycle
more paper, and don't use products that test on animals. You know, things in daily life.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:11PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hey...are there any modem peepers out there??!?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:12PM EST (-0500 GMT)
That's the idea jodie. So how about overpopulation?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:12PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I wouldn't change things like eating less meat.....simply because it is not a healthy option for me..

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:14PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jo- but, think of it this way; it takes 30 (I beleive it is) gallons of water to produce one pound of meat. I hope I got that right, Laila.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:15PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Eating less meat is NOT a less healthy option for people, in fact it is a MUCH more healthier option as it can cut down your risk of heart attack and stroke, for example.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:16PM EST (-0500 GMT)
scott> Me and Stoney are just devastated....Andrea just informed us that Gummybears are actually animal cartiledge.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:17PM EST (-0500 GMT)
you have the right idea, not to mention the amount of land that is not being used efficiently for the animals to consume, and the amount of energy that is used to produce, package and transport the meat AND let's mention the treatment of the animals and their rights.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:17PM EST (-0500 GMT)
hhm...when I became a vegetarian, I became really sick...and ended up haveing to take all sorts of supplements just to keep my system running...due to lack of protien and calcium..

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:19PM EST (-0500 GMT)
regina warns you as to the contents of : marshmallows, oreo cookies, some gums, gelatin and lecithin...

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:20PM EST (-0500 GMT)
For anyone who is at the exhibit, there's an interesting publication available from the Cattlemans assoc. about their version of the real facts on beef...

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:20PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jo- It's terrible how wasteful we are with beef. If we were more like the Native Americans and use all of the animals...

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:21PM EST (-0500 GMT)
andrea, obviously you weren't taking enough care in planning your meals, because I have been a vegetarian for 4 years and a vegan for over a month now, and I am MUCH more healthier than any of my other meat eating friends.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:21PM EST (-0500 GMT)
(LAUGH) How I love my oreos!!!! :)

anita: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:22PM EST (-0500 GMT)
It's Tg Toronto here...finally worked using Netscape 2.

Vince: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:22PM EST (-0500 GMT)
vincenzo--signing off :)

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:23PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Welcome Toronto, any views on what you believe the biggest environmental concern in the world is, or about our current topic about vegetarianism?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:23PM EST (-0500 GMT)
yeah...but I also have wonky blood-sugar levels,and dylipidemia...which makes everything that much more weird....I try to eat a little meat as possible now...but I still "need" it, every so often..

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:25PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jo- do you ever crave meat even though you haven't eaten it for 4 years?

anita: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:26PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Is it not true that vegetarianism isn't as healthy as once believed?(since we missed earlier discussion, sorry if this has been covered.)

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:26PM EST (-0500 GMT)
No, I don't crave meat because I think that it is not right to eat another living creature.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:26PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jo- man has been eating meat since 00 AD. It is part of our daily diet... How can we change now?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:27PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jason to Andrea: obviously you don't know the right vegetables and alternates, so you do not have to eat meat.

anita: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:28PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Man has been eating meat since the beginning of time. Should we just expect everybody to stop eating meat? What about if they eat it in moderation?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:29PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Man has also been destroying our earth for MANY years, but we are slowy changing things. Education and awareness is a big key in stopping what is going on.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:29PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I wondered about that I figured that I should go to my doctor for a veg plan ...after trying it for a few months, I was taken back off of it ...shrug..who knows..i might try it again ..

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:30PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jason thinks that everything is good in moderation.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:31PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Laila thinks that we all should not eat meat. It's not that hard and it would be easier if everyone else was. To andrea, if you need any info about proper meals and nutrients I can always send you some.

anita: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:31PM EST (-0500 GMT)
We don't understand. What does destroying the earth have to do with eating meat?

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:31PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jason; even though he says that everything is good in moderation, he still thinks that we should not eat meat.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:33PM EST (-0500 GMT)
How about all of the energy that is wasted producing the meat, the amount of land that is wasted on grazing the animals on it, cutting down the rainforests, it's all about better allocation and use of our resources.

anita: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:33PM EST (-0500 GMT)
What exactly does not eating meat accomplish? Are we harming our environment that badly by eating a bit of meat every now and then?

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:34PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jo- I made the comment about man eating meat; I believe that it is not wrong to eat meat because we were designed to digest meat and our dental structure is also made for tearing meat and our eyes are on the front of our heads like a preditor.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:34PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Every little bit now and then adds up to a VERY big bit.

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:35PM EST (-0500 GMT)
to laila--> that would be great!.....maybe I can do it properly this time ;)

anita: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:36PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jo-We agree with you. Man is an omnivoire....evolved to eat both meat and vegetables.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:36PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Jason: our bodies are designed not for meat eating but vegetables.

tgmag: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:37PM EST (-0500 GMT)
laila and jason are going to eat a lovely NON MEAT and delicious and hearty vegetarian meal, if you would like to contact me about any info feel free to email me at

Andrea: . . . . Mon, Oct 21, 2:37PM EST (-0500 GMT)
jo- are so right about the land being wasted and such. I am just trying to stand up for the average jo smith who doesn't know a thing about what he is doing to HIS (or her)planet.

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