TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:01PM EST (-0500 GMT)
TGMAGAZINE logging on from the IUCN environment conference in Montreal. Is anybody ready to talk? We'll post the discussion question in a minute..

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:03PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Just showing someone how to use this technology...

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:06PM EST (-0500 GMT)
What we will be talking about: If you could say anything to the adult world about the environment, what would you say?

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:10PM EST (-0500 GMT)
You adults are the ones who messed up the environment. I think it is your responsability to initiate the clean up.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:13PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Soli says that you should moderate your consumption in every way shape and form.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:13PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I think a couple of suggestions are to stop the usage of CFC's and somehow invent a solar powered car to conserve energy and cut down on auto pollution. Too bad that the auto industry is one of the most powerful and will not allow this. Think of how much money oil companies would lose.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:14PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hi Erin... we agree with you. This morning some adult man said that youth are the ones that are polluting the environment and so he does not have a high opinion of young people.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:15PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Soli, specifically how should we moderate our consumption?

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:17PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Our generation is the computer age which is environmentally friendly. Adults' generation was the industrial age and that's what began the pollution mess. Haha to him.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:18PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Erin: Moderation in all possible aspects is neccessary. It concerns mainly the individual. You must always remain critical. Don't do things because you have done them in the past. Ex: plastic bags...

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:19PM EST (-0500 GMT)
What do you guys think of the situation in Temagami where people, including youth, are being arrested for trying to save the forests?

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:19PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Erin, nice to see you. Technology is going to help us eliminate a lot of waste (ie. paper), but, there are other issues created by technology... like energy use, access....

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:21PM EST (-0500 GMT)
These people have good intentions and are using the methods they have available to make their voices heard. We can support that.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:23PM EST (-0500 GMT)
To start, I think there should be legislation for everyone that will protect the env. ie...everyone has to use low energy consumption light bulbs.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:24PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Laila here thinks that more people need to do what people are doing in Temagmai... anything possible to get the rapid
deforestation stopped. This is damaging for all the people that live there, not to mention all the rest of us.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:25PM EST (-0500 GMT)
The deep thought from us: that is good.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:26PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Actually, realistically, that is a transition that must be made. People can not do that over night... actually, there are a lot of people who are moving in that direction, but, maybe a law is necessary.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:26PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Poorer countries are still using non environmentally friendly products, because they are cheaper. We should share our knowledge and money with them. In the end it will help save us too.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:29PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Henry John here says that we are inheriting the adult world's messes. Darn it, they should clean up their own mess. The baby boomers may be the largest population segment, but, that doesn't give them rights to pollute our earth. Power to the people.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:29PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Cher says that she herself would not be willing to be arrested to save the forests. How about you?

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:30PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Sarah says well said Henry John. Revision: Power to the Youth

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:30PM EST (-0500 GMT)
LeCreatia says that there are many people in richer countries using damaging products because they are cheaper too. We need to take responsibility for our actions... WORD!!!

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:31PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Henry John says, "right on, Sista."

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:33PM EST (-0500 GMT)
How do you suggest we take responsibility? It's easy to say ..but not anyone can.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:34PM EST (-0500 GMT)
We need to boycott excess packaging by shopping at places that sell in bulk.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:34PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Erin, Jenna says that it depends on the circumstances. Laila said that if all 3000 people did something active we would get a lot done.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:35PM EST (-0500 GMT)
And bringing your own containers and bags to those stores. That's something we all can do...

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:35PM EST (-0500 GMT)
It may take extra time but individually it will reduce waste and then, altogether, it will make a difference.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:36PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Cas says that they bring their lunches in tupperware...

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:37PM EST (-0500 GMT)
If I could talk to the adult world about the environment, I would tell them that they need to be responsible for what they are doing. They also need to allow youth to participate in the enviro. programs they are creating. We need to be part of the decision-making proces too. It's our future.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:37PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Good, Cas. Could you imagine if all the business men on Wall Street did that.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:38PM EST (-0500 GMT)
How can we change the attitude that, "it doesn't matter what happens to the env. I'll be dead in 50 years" (says V.)

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:40PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I would be more likely to participate in saving the env. if I decided what to do instead of being dictated to and preached at.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:40PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Paul: It does not matter because the damage is affecting us now.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:42PM EST (-0500 GMT)
FIRESIDE: The only way to avoid being preached to, is to force your opinion and speak loud enough that you have to be heard!

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:43PM EST (-0500 GMT)
It's hard for us to see the damage because we've grown up with a dysfunctional env. It's kind of like how we feel about violence.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:44PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Eener: You have to show the adults through our actions to prove that they work.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:46PM EST (-0500 GMT)
I think that we should try to buy as many acres as possible of the rainforest, except, all the way over here, how do we
know if the land we bought is really being protected?

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:46PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Eener feels that the word dysfunctional is just an excuse because it has so many uses.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:47PM EST (-0500 GMT)
FIRESIDE: Besides worrying about whether or not it's protected, can you afford to buy an acre of rainforest?

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:47PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Cas says that it's easier for her not to think about all the problems.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:48PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Eener:You have to work with the people in the rainforests rather then against them.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:49PM EST (-0500 GMT)
To "Jewel": you know first hand about the rainforest. What do you think we should do?

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:50PM EST (-0500 GMT)
FIRESIDE: To Cas: So if your children are dying from carbon monoxide poisoning 25 years from now.....will you think about it then, and wish that you had done something earlier?

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:51PM EST (-0500 GMT)
We don't want to work against them, but, we feel helpless. What can one person do on their own to make everyone work together?

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:52PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Out of curiosity.....who is Jewel?

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:53PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Eener:You have to start in your own home, and then gradually work out into your community, therefore, causing a ripple effect.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:53PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Fireside: That was exactly my point. 25 years seems like an eternity to me considering that I haven't lived 25 years yet. I know that I will be paying for my apathy. But how do we make the threat seem real to those in sheltered lives?

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:54PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Erin: we need a quote from you to put into the news letter about this topic.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:57PM EST (-0500 GMT)
FIRESIDE: The only way to show a close minded person what is happening is to show them what is happening now in
cities like Los Angeles and New York and what will happen if the process continues!

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:57PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Use my last quote, we like it.

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:58PM EST (-0500 GMT)
How am I going to go to LA or New York? Are you going to pay for everyone to learn?

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 1:59PM EST (-0500 GMT)

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 2:01PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Let us work with adults to save the world. Adults have the money and youth have the ambition and the ideas and the

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 2:02PM EST (-0500 GMT)
FIRESIDE: The point isn't how we are going to pay your way, it's this: Just watch any documentary based on the
environment and you will hear this information several fold!!

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 2:04PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Hope you like my quote. Doesn't this chat end at 2?

Erin: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 2:06PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Bye. Till next chat on Friday Oct 18, same time same place.

TGMAG: . . . . Tue, Oct 15, 2:07PM EST (-0500 GMT)
Erin,we really like your quote here. But we have to go. Come back Friday at 1 o'clock EST.....see ya' !

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