Holla! You have entered the website of the the wacky and sometimes even wild, Cheryl (Cher to my friends).

Yes, I actually have the same name as the infamous, cheesy 1970's singer who now does infomercials. But, my entire name is Cheryl Suzanne Goodenough (yes, that really is my last name). I'm glad you decided to click on to my web page, so that you can hear a bit about my oh-so-exciting life.

I am eighteen years old and have been going to The Woodlands School for four years. Now, in my final year, I decided to do a co-op placement in order to "explore my career opportunities"(what a cliche). I wanted to work at TG Magazine because it is a cool, easy-going place where I can find out if journalism is the career for me!

Besides writing, which I really like doing, I like watching and playing baseball. My favourite player is (you can start laughing now), Roberto Alomar. I also love horseback riding, reading and vacationing (only sunny places, please). When I am stressed out I shop 'till I drop and this makes me feel a whole lot better. I love hanging out with my friends and just relaxing while listening to the smooth groves of Boyz II Men. So, there you have it. Thus ends the thrilling synopsis of my life. Hope you found it to be worthwhile reading.