Youth Open World Congress

The World Conservation Congress opened on Monday, October 14, 1996. Three young Canadians from TG Magazine's youth journalism team, sponsored by Environment Canada, addressed delegates from around the world. Here's what they told the world:

Chad Diabo:

"Comme jeunes, nous vivons dans un monde où notre implication au sein des dossiers importantes est primordial pour le succès. Le partenariat entre nous tous est critique pour le développement d'une société durable."

Rubia De Avila:

"Los jovenes de Canada y del mundo entero han tomado actiòn local y internacional para confrontar los temas que hemos venido precisamente aqui a explorar."

Denise Campbell:

"We are here thanks to the Canadian Federal Government, with a team of young people to demonstrate our knowledge and commitment to issues such as biodiversity and sustainable development. Our goal is not only to influence these discussions but to involve the work and the voices of other young Canadian youth in making a difference."