Paul Pabello

Student, teacher, waiter, sales associate, aerobic intructor, and consultant. These are the professions that make up Paul Pabello. As you can see, keeping idle is not one of my past times. Sometimes I wonder where I get all the energy, but on the flipside I would probably explode or go insane if I didn't find something to do.

Je me base à Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, mais vous pouvez me trouver n'importe où autour du monde pendant mes vacances (qui sont nombreux parce que je suis un professeur)! Dans les derniers 6 ans j'ai vécu à Ottawa, Montréal, et Toronto. J'aime beaucoup voyager, mais aussi manger, sortir le soir, et travailler avec le public.

I am here at the IUCN World Congress to help organize and participate in the youth journalist program. I hope to voice the concerns of youth facing the environment, not only by my presence, but by interacting and informing the various people I meet. I am honored to be here and hope to make a difference for the future.