Oi every one! You are about to discover just how much of a dazzling gem Ruby De Avila is. I'm a 17-year-old graduate from George Harvey C.I. I'm also a great soccer player. Maybe not as good as "Pele" but that's OK because I've got great legs due to the game. Not wanting to brag about myself but I'm a very gifted graphic artist. I'm expanding my horizons in that career field in my co-op placement at TG Magazine. F.Y.I. I'm an amazing dancer too, specializing in Latin dances. And I can groove and move my body with the best of 'em because I come from the exotic land of Brazil, home of the oh- so- forbidden dance, the Lambada!

I'm also very good with languages. I speak Portuguese, Spanish and a bit of Italian. I have a very good personality as long as no one pushes me over the limit. I'm an animal lover as well! and no I'm not talking about my boyfriend. Well I guess that's enough about me. I hope you had fun reading about the lovely person that I am!