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Their future
It's hard to learn...
Stop the Violence


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"November 24th this year marks the 10th anniversary of the unanimous, all-party resolution to end child poverty; yet 1 in 5 children in Canada still lives in poverty. That's greater than the 1 in 7 children who was poor in 1989. Many children also lack quality child care services, and affordable, secure housing. Meanwhile, many parents cannot find jobs that sustain their families above the poverty line." (Campaign 2000 ).

The postcards have all been created by young people who are a part of the Sharing Resources 2000 program. Sharing Resources 2000 is a project of the Students Commission, the Millennium Bureau, and Optimist Clubs. The program's goal is to bring 2000 youth from across Canada together to develop and implement community projects that work to eradicate child poverty, by the year 2000

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