Meet Ruben and Amelyn from the Philippines, Nicol and Hong from Cambodia, and Sureerat and Pensri from Thailand. They are all youth who are active on various social issues in their countries. Also, meet Marissa, a government worker in the Philippines who accompanied Ruben and Amelyn to Canada. And finally, meet Mandy, a young Canadian who served as a Thai interpreter.

Unicef Canada, TG Magazine, The Students Commission and Unicef in their respective countries worked in partnership to assemble this team to participate in the Asia Connects multisite conferences across Canada. They were chosen because they are youth leaders involved in advocacy on issues ranging from child sexual exploitation and child labour to family violence and poverty.

During Asia Connects, they were able to teach Canadian youth about the issues affecting youth in their countries and how young people like them have taken actions on these issues. After Asia Connects, the team met in Toronto for another week, to work with our staff to add Asian perspectives to various TG projects.

This was the first step. The team worked on innovative ways to connect with one another from our respective countries and to work on projects that will benefit young people both in Asia and here in Canada. They will take the knowledge they have gained about Canada and Canadian youth activism and apply it back home.

Here are their stories...


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