Hi Everyone!

My name is Pensri. I am 21 years old. I live in Mae Sai, in the northern part of Thailand. I work for DEPDC which is Development and Education Program for Daughters and Community centre. I am learning economic management in Sistues College. I am in my first year of the program.

The DEP centre was not developed before me. I was one of the first nineteen pioneers of the project in 1989. The Director of the project, Sompop, came to my village and asked me to be a part of the program. Today, more than 400 girls are sponsored by DEPDC.

DEPDC is a center based on the prevention of child prostitution and child labour. They offer programs to keep the girls in school and working. There are many projects at DEP; one is where some of the girls are supported to stay in school to finish up to grade nine. Another is the Youth Leadership Program that helps the girls enhance their leadership skills and self esteem and decision-making so they can go back to their communities to become leaders and help their communities and youth. I am now a member of the staff at DEP and I work in the office.

I have come to Canada to join the Asia Connects Conference at the Toronto site. I have been learning about Canada as well as more about Asia. I was very happy to be able to come to Canada. It is very beautiful here. I had the opportunity to work with many people across Canada as well as students from the Philippines and Cambodia.


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