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Don’t let our name misguide you. YDM is open to, and furthermore encourages, every Canadian who believes in the idea that youth need to be involved at all levels when decisions are made that affect them. This means youth (ages 17 and under), young adults, and adult allies can be and are a part of YDM!

Who can join? Any Canadian who believes in the power of young people.
What does being a YDM member mean? As a member, you’re automatically entered in our database with your personal preferences (see below), and when new and relevant opportunities come our way, we pass them on to you. We will connect you to folks who are as interested in the issue as you are, so together the group can work following the eight YDM principles and our framework.
Why become a member? Joining the network has several benefits for you:
• You are a part of a national body of youth, young adults and adult allies from across the country working collaboratively to ensure that youth voice is heard in formal and informal decision making bodies (governments, schools and so on).
• You get a chance to go to exciting conferences and meetings across Canada to ensure youth have the opportunity to use their voice.
• YDM can be listed as valuable experience on your resumés and scholarship applications. There are always opportunities for young people to work on our websites, write reports, fill out questionnaires, help organize events, etc. YDM is a great place for you to practice and hone your skills.
• You get to express yourself! You are invited to address issues as diverse as the young people of Canada.
• You have access to young people that bring ideas, opinions and enthusiasm with them.

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The YDM is currently looking at issues for this year's Unite and Ignite Campaign. What issues do you believe the YDM should look at? Some examples would be drug prevention, racism, poverty and teen suicide. What do you think?

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