The Peary Caribou

By Dean Ziegler
& Graham Cook

This is a small report on the endangered animal, the Peary Caribou. The Peary Caribou lives in the northern part of Canada. It has large populations on the Bank Island and the Low and High Arctic. There are only about 10,000 - 15,000 left in Canada and the Arctic.

The Peary Caribou is a large caribou. It has both a large head and large feet. Both males and females have antlers, though the male's are much larger. The male is also a little bit larger than the female.

The Peary Caribou became endangered in 1979. The reason they are endangered is the short supply of food during the winter months. Another contributing factor is the upswing of Inuit hunting. Alhough it is endangered, it is not protected by the law.

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