Victoria School
Endangered Species
Research Web

At this site you will find information on animals that are found on the endangered animals list for Canada. All research was done by the grade seven and eight French Immersion students from Victoria School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Our students were learning to research and use the internet, as well as creating the website that you see. They were participating in a virtual conference conducted by TG Magazine in Toronto and this is the result. Drawings were done for us by Rubia De Avilia, TG Co-op student; final editing of our work was done by Cheryl Goodenough, TG Co-op student.

Please click on the following list of animals to find out more about them and discover why they are on the endangered animals list.

Chinook salmon

The Cougar

Eskimo Curlew

The Lake Erie Water Snake

Leatherback Sea Turtles

Loggerhead Shrike

Peary Caribou

The Peregrine Falcon

The Piping Plover

Right Whale

Sea Otters

Spotted Owl

St. Lawrence Beluga

The Vancouver Island Marmot

Whooping Cranes