Spotted Owl

Why Is It Endangered?

The Spotted Owl, also known as Strix Occidentalis Caurina, has been an endangered bird since 1986. The reason the Spotted Owl is endangered is because of the loss of habitat or the modification of land. It is caused by loggers, the clearing of land for private use and recreational developments.

Population and Distribution:

In Canada, the Spotted Owl is found in Southwestern British Colombia. There is no estimated population number of the Spotted Owl that are presently living in British Colombia, but, it is thought to have decreased in recent years.


The Spotted Owl is now protected under the British Colombia Wildlife Act.


The Spotted Owl is a medium-sized, round-headed owl. The upper parts of the body are brown and spotted with buff, except for the head and the back of the neck. The unshown parts are whitish and the front is striped with brown.

General Biology:

The Spotted Owl lays 2 to 3 eggs. They begin breeding at two or three years of age.

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