The Chinook Salmon

The Chinook Salmon is an example of an endangered animal in Canada. Endangered means that if we don't act now we won't have any in the future, so, let's act now!

What Is The Chinook Salmon?

The Chinook Salmon (or the King Salmon) is found along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. They are found on the coast of British Columbia and various states of the U.S. Salmon (in general) are anadromus, this means that they spend most of their adult life at sea but go to fresh water to release eggs or sperm to multiply. When they mature, they go to their "home lake" to spawn, and that is the cycle.

Why Are They Endangered?

The main killer of the Chinook isn't fishermen like you might be thinking (it is part of the problem, but not the main reason), it's water management projects like hydroelectric dams. The fish go through the dams, with the water, and are crushed. Another way that they are killed is by pollution in the fresh water (where they spawn).

What Can I Do?

It's hard to control the fishermen from catching the Chinook Salmon since they don't (for the most part) know the difference between it and other types of salmon. If you know the difference (which I personally do not) please remind your "fishing buddies" about what you just learned.

Another thing you could do is support other ways of gaining energy other than hydroelectrics or you could conserve energy in your home. Last but not least, when you go to the beach, don't throw your garbage in the water, it's something else's home.

This report on the Chinook Salmon was written by Conor Barker. Thanks for reading.

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