Peregrine Falcon

Why is it endangered?

One reason the Peregrine Falcon is considered an endangered species is because of pesticides like DDT. DDT can result in the eggshell thinning, breaking of the egg shell, small amount of hatching ratio, smaller sizes and less breeding. Man is also a factor because nests are being destroyed by cities that keep on expanding. Man also intrudes on breeding sites which causes lower birth ratio.


There are three places where the Peregrine Falcon lives:
1. The nest areas: you will usually find a Peregrine Falcon's nest on a cliff or around large buildings.
2. It's territory: its territory is the area in which it can protect the nest which also corresponds to number 3.
3. The home range: the home range is the area which it hunts within.


The adult Peregrine Falcon has a blackish crown with a white hind-neck. His wings and rump are covered in a teal ashy blue. His tail is black with white tips which goes great with his black, brown and white body.


The Peregrine Falcon is one of the fastest birds on the planet; being able to reach speeds up to 220 miles per hour makes it tough for mice. Its diet also includes rats, fish and small berries.

By: J.P. and Tim

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