The Right Whale

In this report you will learn about the Right Whale, why it is endangered and many other interesting facts. You will also learn about its habitat. We hope you enjoy the report.

Why is the Right Whale Endangered?

Right Whales are endangered for many different reasons. For example, some humans use the Right Whale for their blubber, teeth and skin. The skin is used to make curtains, rugs and coats. Right Whale blubber is used to make butter and oil and the Right Whale's teeth are used to make jewelry and decorations. Most of the time fishermen blame bad fishing on the whales and that's part of the reason that Right Whales are endangered.

The Right Whale is also endangered because lots of the whales are in captivity. The chlorine makes some whales very ill. The Right Whale must live in salt water like any other whale or fish. Chlorine can also damage the whale's
eye sight.

The Right Whale is shot for fun and game and to make money. Humans often mistake whales for sharks and kill them. Other times humans use sharks as excuses. Some humans kill whales with a spear, but, the spear is not as popular as it used to be.

They are also endangered by ships and boats on the U.S seaboard. Mariners must look out for Right Whales as they approach these areas and minimize their entrance and exit speed to 5 knots.

Facts and Description:

Right Whales have a thick solid body. They also have an unusually large head. The head of most whales makes up about a third of its body. Their bodies are normally black. The Right Whale has very large teeth. Their teeth are approximately seven feet tall and more.

General Biology:

The Right Whale has approximately one or two baby whales a year. The baby whale is approximately one meter and fifty centimeters long when it is born.

Habitat and Family:

The majority of the whales in Canada live in the Hudson Bay, Vancouver Island, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia Island and many other different places in Canada.

The Right Whale's family can become very large if the Right Whale's population increases, but, if they continue to be hunted, their family populations will decrease.

How To Protect The Right Whale:

The Right Whales need protection like any other animal does. Some people feel animals shouldn't get the same treatment as humans and that they shouldn't be treated equally. Most animals just get treated better either because they are cute animals or because they are small.


To save the Right Whale we should stop polluting, take more care of them and let them produce before we begin to hunt them again. We should try to stop killing the Right Whale completely. We should try to treat all animals the same.

We got our information from:
Watery World Of Whales, address:

I Stephanie thank Melissa, my partner, for the info that she gave us for this report.

By: Melissa Cardenas
and Stephanie Canning

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