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These educational tools are to be used with the youth-developed videos in: Our Messages. They are designed to elicit discussion and reflection about issues related to young people's health.

Although these discussion questions and workshops can be used on their own, educators are encouraged to check out the national report The Health of Canada's Young People: a mental health focus (2011)1. This document was used to inspire and inform the youth videos and provides substantial research related to youth mental health.

Data Dating Workshop Guide: This workshop guide offers curriculum to engage young people in the finding from the HBSC report and the issues presented in the youth created videos in Our Messages. The activities can be used on their own or together as a workshop. PDF

Video Discussion Questions - This activity guide provided discussion questions for all of the videos on the site. The questions encourage young people to think about issues related to their health and talk about solutions or recommendations to health problems. PDF

Health is a Right Workshop - This workshop curriculum builds on the messages from the youth videos and highlights the relationship between health and rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The activities included in here can be used on their own or together as a workshop. PDF

Peel Away Workshop - this is a youth created workshop to accompany the video Be Yourself. It addresses body image, the media, and encourages positive self-perception. PDF

Theoretical Toolkit: A Model for Engaging Youth in Evidence-Informed Policy and Program Development: The following document describes a model for youth engagement in public policy and program development. The model engages children and youth in examining and applying research through the lens of their own experience to public policy and program recommendations. It draws upon several pilot youth engagement projects of the Public Health Agency of Canada, plus 20 years of experience of The Students Commission of Canada, and 10 years of research from the Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement. PDF

  1. Freeman, John, et al. 2011. The Health of Canada's Young People: a mental health focus. Ottawa: Public Health Agency of Canada.


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