Hip-Hop International

Lesson 1: Putting Hip-Hop on the Map


  • To show participants that Hip-Hop is an international phenomenon. To explore how Hip-Hop has been adapted by various different cultures around the world to fit their own contexts, and what it means to them.


  • Projector
  • Lap-top
  • Internet access
  • Computer Lab (For participants to do their research)
  • Map of World


Hip-Hop Around the World:

Handout A: Map of World (Includes world map and list of Hip-Hop countries)


  1. How did Hip-Hop spread across the world?
  2. In what countries do you think Hip-Hop exists?
    • Have the class call out names of countries and then place pins on the world map where these countries are located.
    • The class will receive a list for each group of different countries and have to put a pin on the remainder of the countries not called out where Hip-Hop exists on a world map.

Videos & Discussion

Video 1: "Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia" trailer: (documentary)

Play video (5:31 min).

Video 2: "Afro Pop: Hip-Hop Revolution": (documentary)

Play video (5:27 min).

Video 3: "Planet BBoy – Korea": (documentary)

Play video (9:52 min).


The group will use the internet to find the following information in-class or for homework:

  1. Where does Hip-Hop exist in your country?
  2. How did it get there?
  3. Why is it there?
  4. What is it used for/what does it mean for people in your country?

Question & Answer (Informal Evaluation)

Time for participants to ask questions, give comments and feedback about anything they found interesting from the workshop.


The Students Commission