A lot of great things came out of the 80s. First, it seemed that helping others became important, as evidenced by some of the amazing benefit concerts that were held in aid of people starving and suffering in various parts of the world.

Who can forget about the celebrities from this decade? Great singers, songwriters, actors, directors, producers and musicians all combined their talents to produce a decade that boomed with life! Besides awesome American talents came some cool Canadian talents. Check out the celebrity articles TG Archives has profiled. Music, entertainment, art, literature, sports, fashion and advertising all created the unique pop culture of the 80s.

Aside from all that, the 80s had its own issues: sexuality, povery, racistm, gangs, stereotypes, and so on. Some of these issues still remain. TG Archives also highlights the importance of health, nutrition and most importantly, taking care of ourselves.


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