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Eternal Soul Fire

April 1990 - by Andrew D.K. Hanson

A Wish

June 1991 - by Bree Switzer


June 1991 - by John Morrison

You Took Away Our Freedom

June 1991 - by Sandra Palkowski

My Grandfather

October 1991 - by Stephanie Snow

Sands of Time

October 1991 - by Jaime Hill

The Oak Tree

March 1992 - by Tracey Allen

Hidden Beauty

April 1992 - by Heidi Ann Davidson


June 1992 - by Sue Bowness

In Our Wisdom

June 1992 - by Chi Nguyen

Student's Choice

August 1973 - Anonymous

Cupid Counsel

December 1948 - by Mary Lou Dilworth

"Sunday In T.O"

December 1948 - Anonymous

Radio Announcer

December 1948 - by Jack Sturman

Hop Craze

August 1953 - Anonymous

Soul Goes Spanish

December 1968 - by Larry LeBlanc

Driver's Education

December 1968 - Anonymous

What Is Deejay?

August 1953 - Anonymous

Electric Circus

December 1968 - by Elaine Mitchell

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