Child Exploitation

This problem happens in almost every country around the world. But in Cambodia it rapidly became a big problem this year. Most families, because of poverty, sometimes sell their children to brothels. Sometimes the child herself wants to help their family, and will sell themselves to a brothel too. Some street children will join in the prostitute business, because it is the easiest way to support their living (they have no skills for finding jobs).

This problem also has a lot of local human rights organizations and NGOs (Unicef), which have projects in this problem. They send out there staffs to observe where the problems happen, and they will cooperate with the local governors to survive those child prostitutes from the brothel. This program has a few percent success. Another project is educate prostitutes some educate in sexual diseases and how to prevent by free offer condoms. They also set up some free consultant agency and medical care clinics. About the brothel owners, sometimes they have been caught by the policeman, but they have been released because of the corruption governors.
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