Issues that are important
in the Philippines & what I will do:

Our mission: "working together in developing self confidence and for a total youth development."

The youth assembly officers implemented the following activities and projects for the calendar year 1997:

a) Livelihood training for parents
* those families whose income is not sufficient for their needs
(funds taken from the City development funds)

b) Orientation seminar to all mothers
* participants were those families who have children below 15 years old and who's income is not sufficient for their needs
* this seminar focused on the childrens rights and welfare and the role of the mother
(funds were taken from the Deptartment of Social Welfare & Development)

c)Youth assembly blood donors & first aid club.

* out-of-school-youth were given priority to be a member for the first aid club and will be the ones in charge of motivating the prospective members for the walk-in blood donors club

* there will be a monthly blood typing activity to be held in 26 different youth organizations simultaneously

* there will be at least two developmental training courses for first aid a month.

* there will be a quarterly developmental report (funds were taken from 10% Youth assembly funds)

d) Youth assembly fire brigade

* since my community is in a populated area, the council decided to have a fire brigade

* all members are out-of-school-youth (funds were taken from 10% Youth assembly funds)

e) Summer youth camp

* all officers of the 26 youth organizations in my barangay and other active youth members in the community

* this was a one week summer youth camp (funds were taken from the 10% youth assembly funds)

f) Youth assembly Mini-library

* the council realized that not all university students have their own books

* the council prioritized the books used in all the universities in the city for students to use.

* this project was launched September 13, 1997.

* from this point of time the council is still in the process of soliciting funds and to encourage individuals to donate their used books

g) Working youth day celebration

* all youth in our community who are working and the same time studying are the councils major concern

* the council planned for the whole day activity (some of the funds were taken from the 10% youth assembly funds and donations from individuals)

h) Inter-high school Battle of the Bands

* since the councils funds are not enough for all of the activities and projects the council decided to have a fund raising activity

* this was open to all high school students residing in our community.

i) Inter-youth organization drama contest

* this was open to all youth organizations

* each group was required to present one (1) heavy drama and one (1) comedy.

* the drama presentation must be related to the theme "the youth past, present and future".

j) Sports development

* the council was also conducting a sports competition among the youth organization

* the best players will be selected to represent our barangay for the Citywide sports tournament

* our barangay dominated all sports tournament, especially in volleyball which we have lost only one since 1978. (funds were taken from the 10%youth assembly funds)

In spite of the existing activities and projects, there are still efforts to develop and implement projects and activities to combat child labour, drug addiction and the rest of the youth problems that we are facing right now.

The youth assembly, its officers and people hold a common understanding in reaching our mission. The council puts priority on providing our youth with opportunities to recieve an education. The focus is on psychological, social, moral, physical and cultural development and the eventual participation in community life and nation-building as a whole. The council believes that the youth should be able to fully realize their own potentials, rights and inherent dignity based on the principles of democracy, justice, peace and respect of human rights.

Even though the Philippines government has a law in setting aside 10% Youth assembly funds from the total general funds of the local government units still these funds are not enough. We see the need for more resources to support our planned activities and projects for the whole year.
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