My name is Nicol and I'm 16 years old. I'm a second year student at the Factulty of Business .I came from Cambodia to join the Asia Connects Conference in Burnaby South, Vancouver. I was very interested in this conference because I could learn more about how to behave in a different society. Personally, Asia Connects made me feel that I shoud learn more about new technology, foreign languges and just do what I want and take a risk on it.

What I liked about the conference:

1) Knowledge (cross-cultural communication, etc.)

2) Happy- I met a lot of interesting people, made a lot of friends.

What I didn't like about the conference:

1) Too fast - I think we shoud focus on one specific topic and more time on discussion.

2) Bored - cut the time for watching videos

3) I didn't understand some speakers (Please more detail).

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