I am 17 years old. I come from Thailand. I am a first-year student at Suhothaitammatirat University in Bangkok, Thailand. I live in Pa-mee mae sai , Chiang Rai and I have three brothers but no sisters. I am in my third year in the youth leadership training program. In my village, I am working on a project teaching housewives to raise chickens. My community has drug problems, young people drop out of school and they leave the village to work for money in the city. When they come back to the village, they have more problems.

When I finish my youth leadership training progam, I hope I can help my village to work together to form ideas with which our village can make money, to teach the house wives how to read, speak and write the Thai language. I also want to help organize activities for the youth in my village because they spend most of their day as free time. Now, we don't have money in my village, so I want to get my friends to work together with me to think of ideas for how my village can improve and make money. We will exchange ideas and hope that we can come up with ideas that will benefit my village.

I have come to Canada because I am a part of the Asia Connects Conference at the Toronto site. I had the opportunity to work with students not only from across Canada but from all over the world. I learned about Canada but also about Asia.

I think that anything can be accomplished when we understand each other and each others' cultures and lives.

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