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The benefits of volunteering for any organisation far outweigh the costs. The costs? Well, as a volunteer, you are offering your time, which means you don't get paid. But by volunteering, you do gain experience and open yourself up to a world of opportunity to be hired by the organization you have volunteered for, or by another organisation that recognizes the value of your contribution.

Other benefits:

For the volunteer....

  • personal attention in one-to-one relationships
  • contact with the community
  • credibility
  • experience in a field of interest
  • the nurturing of new ideas
  • the possibility of being hired as paid staff
  • the opportunity to learn from different generations and cultures
  • the opportunity to develop and exercise your ideas

For the organisation...

  • new ideas
  • opportunity to better reach and service the community
  • feedback on the delivery of services
  • a resource of experienced individuals they could hire if opportunity arose
  • closer contact with the community

Why volunteer agencies want you - read on and find out what Jen learned.

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