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The purpose of the icebreaker is to introduce the group to one another if they don't already know each other, and to get them interacting. Most workshops require a fair amount of communication and interaction which is why it is important to ensure the group's comfort. A comfortable environment is more conducive to creativity than one in which the participants find it difficult to relax.

Name Bingo

Students are given a sheet with a list of items pertaining to volunteering on it such as:

  • has volunteered for at least two different organisations
  • volunteers because it looks good on a resumes
  • volunteered for the experience
  • volunteered because they couldn't find a job

The participants must mingle and find people that match these different items by asking each other questions. When they find a "match", they fill the name of the match in the blank beside the name. The participants are asked to try not to repeat a name more than twice. Once all the blanks have been filled in, that person will shout BINGO!


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