True or false?

For each of the following statements, mark a "t" for true and an "f" for false. You have five minutes to do this, and then we will discuss the answers.



T / F
A volunteer centre is a place to go where volunteers party


T / F
Volunteering is a way to express concern for the community and accept responsibility for our own well-being - it also provides an outlet to satisfy people's talents and ambitions.


T / F
Canada's volunteers are: from all walks of life, 25% are from 35-44 years old; 20% are from 15-19 years old and elderly; 25% are from a cultural background other than English or French.


T / F
Volunteers contribute over ten million volunteer hours annually.


T / F
Volunteers rarely work for more than one organization.

T / F Organisations such as the Red Cross and the Canadian Cancer Society are bombarded with volunteers and have to turn many away.


T / F
The need for volunteers has declined over the last few years because governments have increased services to needy communities.


T / F
The first volunteer organisation was founded in 1688 in Quebec City to help the many residents who had lost everything in a ravaging fire.


T / F
Hamilton has approximately 10, 000 volunteers contributing to the improvement of their communities.


T / F
Governments were the first to notice that many people did not have enough to eat and established the first food banks.


T / F
The combined number of volunteer hours provided by Canadians is the equivalent of 230 jobs in a year.

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