Preliminary results

Click here for the initial themes from a preliminary analysis of the entry questionnaire to the project. These entry questions give us a sense of our understanding about youth-adult relationships at the beginning of this project and the resulting themes will help shape and refine our research questions.

Expected outcomes

We hope that this project will:

  • Begin to address gaps in knowledge about youth-adult partnerships, youth engagement contexts, civic engagement, and outcomes.
  • Develop a typology of youth-adult partnerships, describe the contexts within which they occur, and identify the outcomes associated with the partnerships and contexts
  • Strengthen and grow partnerships within the Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement
  • Build organizational capacity for intergenerational participatory action research
  • Provide evaluation and/or address specific issues identified youth and organizational partners
  • Inform program planning within youth serving organizations
  • Inform policy development related to youth and social service
  • Support youth serving organizations to develop positive youth-adult partnerships in various contexts


The Students Commission