The PEACE Project involves Toronto youth, the Toronto Police Service, community agencies and schools in efforts to reduce the negative impact guns and gangs have on all our lives. Working together, youth and police have developed videos, programs and workshops that address violence. PEACE provides youth with opportunities to create positive change in their community, build healthy relationships and develop leadership skills.

PEACE Activities:
• Create, promote and host an ongoing series of youth meetings and joint police/youth training
• Strengthen connections between community agencies, school boards and the Toronto Police Service to better serve the needs of youth and community
• Deliver on-going joint police/youth educational efforts
• Engage community partner agencies and their youth from across the city
• Support and educate parents about gang violence.

Our Aim:
• Promote PEACE in our communities
• Break down barriers
• Promote alternatives to gun violence
• Demonstrate conflict resolution in a peaceful manner
• Create better understanding and community partnerships by improving youth-police relations
• Provide positive alternatives for youth

Are you coming to one of our weekly meetings? Click here to download directions!

Funding for PEACE currently provided by the National Crime Prevention Centre, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, and previously by the Province of Ontario, Community Safety and Correctional Services and The Argos Foundation-Stop the Violence Campaign.

For more information about the PEACE program, call us at 416 597-8297 or send us and email at

(Mailing address: 23 Isabella St., Toronto ON M4Y 1M7)