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Why Support the Canada We Want
Conference Series?

National conferences provide an opportunity for young people to have a say in the issues that effect them. In fact, there are are a number of positive outcomes associated with national issues-focused gatherings including increased self-esteem, improved community engagement and healthier inter-personal relationships. Experiencing diversity that young people do not encounter in their home community leads to personal growth and a desire to contribute. Many young people have cited our conferences as life-changing events that have led to remarkable positive change. Each young person will be asked to raise $250.00 to attend the conference. This represents 40% of the costs associated with hosting and delivering the conference. The Students Commission will be subsidizing the difference and providing travel money through Exchanges Canada's Youth Forums Program.

Consider a donation of $50, $100, $200 or $500 to support youth participation at the conference. Donate Here

90% of funds raised will be used to support youth participation in the Canada We Want Conference Series.