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Canada We Want Conference
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Be part of the #CanadaWeWant followup

While participating in the #CanadaWeWant Conference, you met a lot of other hard-working young people, maybe you even became friends! The following is a list of exciting opportunities to stay engaged, rekindle those friendships, make your ideas happen. Send us an email at to get involved.

Still reading… YAY YOU!
Here’s some details.

If you are interested in contributing to another project other than the theme team you participated in at the conference – absolutely do so!! If you are interested in getting involved with more than one project, again, do it! There’s no limit to the number of ways you can participate!

The menu of options includes:

A) Join a Committee!

Join a Committee

Almost all of the Community Action Plans that were generated from the #CanadaWeWant Conference included youth-led committees as key ways to get action-based activities designed and delivered in your communities.

What would you do?

Participate in weekly/bi-weekly calls or webchats to:

  • Review and implement Community Action Plans generated at the conference
  • Design fun, educational, and engaging activities/discussions on your issue
  • Share networks and engage more youth to participate, learn and act
  • Discuss and evaluate findings from activities

By participating in committee work; you can get your volunteer hours, develop team-work skills, enhance your resume, and even have fun!

Here are the theme teams that need committees filled:

  1. Children’s Rights
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Social Identity Formation
  4. Gender Based Violence
  5. Marketing 2 Kids
  6. Truth and Reconciliation
  7. Youth Service and Volunteerism

Send us an email at

B) Facilitate some workshops!

Facilitate some workshops

If you know some youth that you could engage in this work; step up! Be trained on how to facilitate an engaging workshop/roundtable! Learn how to be a good youth-leader!

PLUS, you can put it on your resume!

Send us an email at, Or call: 416-597-8297; we’d love to hear from you!

C) Design, Design, Design

Design, Design, Design

Almost all of the Community Action Plans that were generated from the #CanadaWeWant Conference included using SOCIAL MEDIA as a platform to RAISE AWARENESS. And we need your help to design the many different themed campaigns!

DO YOU: Know anything about social media? Like photography/Photoshop/editing? Want to help raise awareness on not just one project, but all of the projects??

Here’s what we’d need from you:

  • Check in with the many youth-led committees (jump-in on a call, email a friend, join a webchat)
  • Gather the information they want publicized on social media
  • Design attention-grabbing, youth-friendly, educational, and cool posts for social media!
  • POSTERS! Ads! It’s up to you and the others on the social media team!
  • Spread that sweet, sweet information EVERYWHERE!

Send us an email at

D) Gender-Based Violence:

Gender Based Violence
  • Needs youth to help write the proposal for next year’s project to Canada Public Health DUE JUNE!


  • Reviewing last year’s proposal
  • Weekly calls to discuss steps moving forward
  • Creating new proposal
  • Designing programs and engaging activities around healthy relationships, mental health and gender-based issues

These programs and activities would be implemented over the next four years! Starting in October!

If this option intrigues you, read below for steps on how to start your involvement!

Send us an email at

Although you may have many questions about the options listed above, know that all of them can be answered if you follow these simple steps:

If any of these opportunities have caught your interest, you can:

  1. Send us an email at, outlining what/how you’d like to get involved, and every single one of your questions. Remember, there is no stupid question, and there are no wrong answers. This was a lot of information at once and we understand that there will be some clarity needed. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. Reach out to the other youth you met at the conference, and ask them how they’re getting involved!

Or call: 416-597-8297; we’d love to hear from you!

Go to the latest #CanadaWeWant Conference information and registration.

The #CanadaWeWant

Theme teams generated recommendations based on the theme for policy makers and other young Canadians. They also developed local community action projects to address their themes back home.

Youth Policy for Canada Report
Master Curriculum

Theme Team Reports

Mental Health and Wellness, Short Report,
Long Report

Youth Take Charge: Addressing Structural Racism, Short Report, Long Report

Children’s Rights in Canada, Short Report,
Long Report

A Path to Reconciliation, Short Report,
Long Report

Sharing the Story, Report

The Justice System We Want, Short Report,
Long Report

Addressing-Gender-Based Violence,
Short Report, Long Report

Youth Identity Development, Short Report,
Long Report

The Work World We Want, Short Report,
Long Report

Youth Service and Volunteerism, Short Report,
Long Report

Youth Leadership Team (YLT), Short Report,
Long Report

These events were held at YMCA Cedar Glen, February 27 - March 5, 2018.

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