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We’re always looking for new people to get involved with PNSM and the wide variety of other projects we do at The Students Commission. Currently there are three youth discussion groups running during the week. On Wednesday evenings the guys from Not-so-much gather at The Students Commission office, and Project Not-so-many, the female version of the Not-so-much group meets on Friday evenings. Both groups will continue to meet on a weekly basis at least until early 2007, with discussions focusing on healthy relationships, being positive role models and building leadership through interaction with peers. Another project we have running is Project PEACE; a group run in partnership with The Toronto Police Service. Project PEACE, (Public Education And Crime Eradication) is an initiative involving young people from all experiential backgrounds in raising awareness of gun and gang activity in an effort to increase the safety of our communities, keep guns out of the hands of young people and increase awareness of the dangers of getting involved in gang activity. The PEACE youth team meets Thursday evenings at The Students Commission office. Each of our discussion groups provide participants with the opportunity to produce something real (for example, a workshop, a video, or a magazine) that can be taken to other youth, adults and members of the community to showcase their message and spread the word about positive change.

Although The Students Commission’s head office is located in Toronto, we have offices and contacts all across the country in cities such as Saskatoon and Ottawa; so don’t hesitate to let us know how you’d like to get involved in your area. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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