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The "program" or crime prevention aspect of the project is first targeted in terms of the engagement of "at-risk" youth in the creation of the resource and working with the role models, and secondarily in the delivery of the workshop.  Project Notsomuch is a subsidiary of the Young Men’s Guyde, a national project identifying the issues that young men face.  One of the most common themes that has come up in our initial Young Men’s Guyde focus groups is violence and crime.  We feel that this recurring theme needs special attention and Project Notsomuch has enabled us to dissect and help young people deal with this issue in Toronto. This has enabled us to share the information that we learned from Project Notsomuch across the country through the Young Men’s Guyde.       

Throughout the project, the Centre of Excellence on Youth Engagement, headed by the Students Commission, will be researching and evaluating the effectiveness of the project, both on the team of youth engaged in giving the workshops and on the recipients of the Crime Prevention training.

“We are survivors of the concrete jungle that has conquered many of our comrades. At the same time we have made a lot of changes to get where we are now. We invite you to walk with us, as we tell our stories and prepare ourselves for our next steps in our lives. Maybe our struggles will help you with yours.”

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