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Walk With Me, A Special Edition of Tiny Giant Magazine has been officially launched!The press conference and Open House was very successful and we were happy everyone could come.

Click here for video from the day of the launch.

The young men of PROJECT NOT SO MUCH (PNSM), the staff and Board of Directors of The Students Commission of Canada are pleased to launch a special edition of Tiny Giant Magazine. Authored, edited and designed by youth, Walk With Me is the documented journey that the young men have been on, since becoming engaged in PNSM in 2003. Walk With Me is an exciting tool that can help both youth and the adults who care about them. Click here to order Walk With Me

If you didn't catch us on the CBC morning radio show you can Listen here.

Click to view a summary of the project.

Click to view our Walk With Me magazine.

Email us here, if you have any suggestions or comments. We'd love to hear from you.

What up ya'll!! What's really good?... In other terms, how's it going? Thank you guys so much for being really patient with us in making a web site for you guys. So after many hard hours from our PNSM guys, we are pleased to present you with our new website. We could not have put together this website without the support of The Students Commission staff in Toronto. Thanx ya'll so much!!