TG Youth Team at IUCN

Youth Journalists from across Canada
Report on the "Goings-on"
here at the World Conservation Congress!

Marc Bishop
Jason Blackburn
Denise Campbell
Melissa D'Souza
Rubia De Avila
Bindu Dhaliwal
Chad Diabo
Andrea Fitzgerald
Regina Flores
Julie Grenier
Scott Hyland
Patricia Kotovich
Jodie Lightfoot
AngËle Marchand
Amber Marsh
Paul Pabello
RenÈe Perrault
Scott Sancton
Deborah Senior
Jennifer Wong
Laila Zafar


Stoney McCart
Barbara McIntosh
Todd Ward

Our team will be working from our media centre at the World Conservation Congress conference in Montreal. We will be taking delegates discussions here and communicating them to the youth of the world on the internet and in print.

We will also work in co-ordination with students from Halifax to broadcast the information on the conference via radio and television, and with students at the TG office in Toronto who will be building an interactive CD-ROM from our materials.

Watch our site for up-to-date and readable news from the IUCN!