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First Nations

An Aboriginal Justice System.
Native People and Employment.
Native People and Racism.
The Segregation of Native People.

The Media and Multiculturalism

All About the Sri Lanka News Industry in Canada.
Asian Television Survives in a Canadian Climate.
Frankly Racist: A Personal Account.
Minority Performers Are Still Being Typecast.
On-Air Radio Racism-CKFM Discusses the Anatomy of a Corporate Counter Attack.
Personal Reviews: The Impact of the Media on Race Relations.
Visible Minorities are Invisible in the Media.

Immigration: Coming to Canada

Immigration and Racism: Do They go Hand in Hand?
Indian Immigrant Aid Services.
Non-White Entrepreneurs Succeed in Toronto.
Sri Lankan Immigrants.
The Adaptation of Immigrants in a New Country.
The Socio-Economic Adjustments of Immigration.

Living in Canada


Ambiguities of Multicultural Education.
Education, Ethnicity and Racism.
Fight Racism Starting with School.


Chinese Hand-Launderers in Toronto.
Minority Businesses Thrive.


Canadian Italians: How Language Adapts to an Environment.
Characteristics of the Spanish-Speaking Latin American People.
Ethnic Communities and Aging.
Filipino Canadians are a Growing Community.
Mixed Marriages: Do they have a Place in Today's Society?
Reflections on Cultural Maintenance.


A Black Man's Toronto.
Indo-Caribbean Life.
Jamaicans in Toronto.
Portugese Immigrants in Toronto.
Punjabi-Hindu Adaptations to a New Country.
Sikhs in Ontario.
The Estonian Presence in Toronto.
The German Community of St. Patrick's Parish.
The Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre.
The Ukrainian Community in Toronto.
The Urdu in Canada.
The South Asian Community.

Individual Racism

Women's Work.
Working East Indian Women in Canada.
Xenophobia -The Hatred of Everything and Racism.

Systemic Racism

Discrimination in Government Social Services.
Equality and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Public Education Should Be Multicultural.

Immigration in Earlier Years

Bangladeshi Reflections.
Black History in Early Toronto.
Chiaroscuro: Italians in Toronto 1885-1915.
Croations in Toronto Over the Past Century.
History of the Maltese Canadian Community in Toronto.
How Koreans Came to Call Toronto their Home.
Irish Catholics in a Victorian Toronto 1850-1900.
Japanese Canadians in War-Time Toronto.
Recollections and Experiences.
Slovaks in Toronto Before 1934.
The Beginnings of a Ukrainian Settlement in Toronto 1903-1914.
The French Colony.
History of the Canadian Arab Friendship.
The Persistence of Old-World Culture in a New World Landscape.
The Rise of the Jewish Community in Toronto.
The Russian Orthodox Church in Early 20th Century Toronto.

Multicultural Events and Traditions

Hindu Festivals and Sacraments.
Muslim Rituals and Problems.

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