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The Students Commission: Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement Top Left Conference
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Young artists, storytellers, dancers and videographers from Victoria, Saskatoon, Toronto and Miramichi came together on Friday, March 27th, 2015 to explore their identity and the pressures of today's world, by taking a stand against stereotypes that lead to gender-based violence. The aim: "Stop the stereotype. Stop the abuse."

This National Artistic Showcase raised funds for young artists and projects run by The Students Commission of Canada, a national charitable organization that engages youth to explore and express themselves, to then take action for positive social change. Share our story; share your story; see the evidence for programs that make a difference. "Stop the stereotype. Stop the abuse."

If you would like to hear the truly profound impact that this Top Left program made in the lives of youth across the country, check out the video created by the Students Commission on the What is Top Left? tab above. The video explores the impact on youths' lives by talking to some of the national Top Left members, facilitators, and program coordinators, from across the country. "Stop the stereotype. Stop the abuse."

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