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Young people taking part in an icebreaker

Top Left Saskatoon

Saskatoon group in their space

Saskatoon: Top Left supports the local community through Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (CNYC). The Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op is a skills building and alternative education program for youth in Saskatoon. Youth are able to earn academic credits and learn life and employment skills in a compassionate and supportive environment. CNYC primarily works with First Nations and Metis youth.

Locally, the Top Left project has focused on unpacking the systemic barriers that young people who identify as men and boys encounter in their lives. Specifically the constraints around expectations of 'being a man' and masculinity. Since 2013, Top Left - Saskatoon has supported two regional retreats focused on sharing experiences and healing from violence. Young people who identify as boys and men have been participating in several local community action projects: kickboxing to manage anger and aggression, yoga to encourage mindfulness, woodworking to learn meaningful and transferable skills, a walk to Regina to highlight Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and local community action workshops.

The impact of Saskatoon Top Left in youths' lives

Description: This video explores Saskatoon Top Left's impact on youths' lives by talking to some of the Saskatoon Top Left members, facilitators, and program coordinators.

Check back soon for updates from the Saskatoon group.

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